When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You (Paperback)

When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You By David Hawkins Cover Image
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You want to do the right thing--to take care of your family, to be a good employee, to "be there" for your friends. And you're good at it. Everyone knows they can depend on you--so they do.

But are you really doing what's best for them? And what about you--are you growing? Are you happy and relaxed? Are you excited about your gifts and your calling, or do you sometimes think,

"I don't even know what I want anymore."

Find out why you have trouble saying no. Learn why you feel accepted only when you are producing. And finally experience the deep joy and peace that come with serving other people out of your abundance, not out of your need.

About the Author

With more than 30 years of counseling experience, David Hawkins, PhD, has a special interest in helping individuals and couples strengthen their relationships. Dr. Hawkins' books, including When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You and Dealing with the CrazyMakers in Your Life, have more than 350,000 copies in print.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780736927789
ISBN-10: 0736927786
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication Date: July 1st, 2010
Pages: 240
Language: English