All About Wigs, Weaves & Extensions: While Maintaining Healthy Hair (Paperback)

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Wigs, Weaves, & Extensions are taking over the hair Industry Research has shown that one out of every two women has either; worn some form of artificial hair at some point in their lives, or knows someone who's wearing artificial hair at this time. However, author and hairstylist Stephanie Danine Hair - Singleton of All About Wigs, Weaves, & Extensions says, if this research study is incorrect, she can almost guarantee that one out of every other woman is contemplating whether or not to give wearing artificial hair a try. All About Wigs, Weaves, & Extensions is a book that will answer just about every question those curious may want to know. Such as; "What's the best hair quality, texture, or style to purchase? How to find the best hair vendors? Is it possible for natural hair grow, and remain healthy while wearing artificial hair? And so much more As a bonus, this book will also answer the most commonly asked question by most men, "Why do women wear artificial hair?" After noticing many women neglecting their natural locks while wearing artificial hair. Stephanie's passion for hair wouldn't allow her to just sit back and watch. She knew she had to do something. Without thought, and two days later, Stephanie turned her passion into a book. After reading All About Wigs, Weaves, & Extensions many may find this thought - provoking eBook to be more than just a book, but years of wisdom from a hairstylist who cares about hair.

About the Author

STEPHANIE DANINE HAIR - (SINGLETON) is a licensed instructor Cosmetologist, Hair Coach, and Author. Born in raised in Akron Ohio, she currently resides in Southern California empowering women through her many talents. Shortly after launching SDH Collection product line, she continues to donate 10% of her products proceeds to Carmen's Angels. Carmen's Angels is a charitable fundraiser campaign sponsored by SDH Collection in efforts to support her friend who is now a Cancer Survivor!

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ISBN: 9781539539285
ISBN-10: 1539539288
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2016
Pages: 86
Language: English