Portraits of Innocence: The Children of Ahero (Paperback)

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Here are Bie Bostrom's portraits of the children of Ahero, Kenya. Here are African children in their daily activities: balancing pails of water on their heads; watching after younger siblings; toting twigs home for household cooking fires; tending to the family cattle; preparing dinner; carrying objects that appear heavier than the kids themselves; and sometimes just goofing off. As you look into the eyes of these African faces, you'll see all the emotions and attitudes found in children around the world: joy, playfulness, curiosity, extraordinary energy, and occasionally fear, sadness, even grief. In short, even though they live far away in a place very different from ours, they are just the same as our own children at heart. They are innocent, yes, but also wise in the special ways that children sometimes prove to be. And they love posing for the camera.

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ISBN: 9781542914130
ISBN-10: 1542914132
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 14th, 2017
Pages: 42
Language: English