Living With the Little Devil Man (Paperback)

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Sterling was another soul lost to addiction. He was a schizophrenic plagued by the little devil man. Heroin saved him from that reality so many times. Most people aren't plagued by creatures, but what are they plagued by? What reality are they escaping? Sterling's story gives us some of the answers we seek. One thing is for certain, his story teaches us the importance of human connection and how to love. Not to love the addiction, but to love the person behind the addiction. It teaches us to the importance of helping others through dark times without judgment. This emotionally riveting story shows how good can triumph over evil in ways we never can anticipate. Expect to both cry and laugh. '""Living with the Little Devil Man"" introduces us to Sterling, a young man with searing blue eyes. The life Sterling was dealt: childhood cruelty, serious mental illness, and addiction, is woven into an energetic, funny, attractive young man that we come to care for as much as his adoptive mother who opened her home and family to him. Who does that? Who lets in addiction and mental illness, sleepless nights, and worry? This story is unaltered by resentment or judgment. It is a frank telling of one young life, lived with zest despite the terrible odds against him, and the woman who opens our hearts to let him in.' Dominique Simon-Levine PhD--Founder of 'Reading ""Living with the Little Devil Man"" was like being on a train that I knew was going to be wrecked. I was on the train, I met all of the passengers and developed feelings for them and about them. I desperately wanted to be able to stop that train. I cried so many times while reading the book that I can...t count them. This book encompasses intimacy, compassion, and horror, but it also gives us a sense of hope, passion, and transcendence.' Eugene Isaak, J.D.--Author in Recovery '""Living with the Little Devil Man"" is a gripping story about the demons of addiction and the struggles with mental illness during the course of a young man's life. ""Living with the Little Devil Man"" brings out the humanistic side of it all and teaches us to love unconditionally, especially those who struggle with addiction and mental illness.' J. Bruno - Narcotics Detective 20+ yea.

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ISBN: 9781641822718
ISBN-10: 1641822716
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: September 28th, 2018
Pages: 154
Language: English