The Enchanted Scribe: Book 1 - The Gate and the Girl (Paperback)

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Samantha Biggers is The Enchanted Scribe. With the stroke of her pen, she can change the direction of the future.

But there are two big problems with the thirteen-year-old's incredible powers.

First, she has no idea she possesses them. The daughter of drug addicts, Sam is the laughingstock of her small community. Her days are filled with abuse and ridicule from teachers and students at her junior high school.

She spends her days writing stories, wishing she would be whisked away, and also daydreams of being someone else.

The second problem is more dangerous. An ancient Eraser is sent to kill Samantha before she realizes her powers exist.

Suddenly Sam finds herself fighting for her life, and that of the world, as she struggles to master her emerging powers and prevent the Eraser from gaining control of a universal portal. If that happens, it will allow access for all manner of evil to enter this world.

About the Author: Tabatha Deans Stewart grew up in Vernal, Utah, also known as Dinosaurland. She now lives in Littleton, Colorado, and is the associate editor for the Elbert County Tribune, a rural newspaper. A freelance writer, she also helps senior citizens write their memoirs.

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ISBN: 9781682354643
ISBN-10: 1682354644
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LL
Publication Date: October 1st, 2021
Pages: 146
Language: English