Healing Your Wounded Relationship: How to Break Free of Codependent Patterns and Restore Your Loving Partnership (Paperback)

Healing Your Wounded Relationship: How to Break Free of Codependent Patterns and Restore Your Loving Partnership By Robert Jackman Cover Image
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Many people struggle at times with a challenging relationship and ask themselves how things got so screwed up. They wonder what they're doing wrong and why they keep making bad choices in who they date or partner with. Trying to fix these problems using outdated communication tools rarely works, so many give up, feeling lost, defeated and resentful.

This book helps you see how your unresolved inner child wounding keeps showing up, attracting and meshing with another's codependent parts in a wounded dance-like a moth to a flame. Once you read this book, you will begin to see your own wounded dance. Know that there is a path to healing and you don't have to live this way. You can heal these patterns.

The book is written for people who are dating, currently in a relationship or those wanting to avoid making the same mistakes in their next relationship.

Expert Insights-Proven Results

Psychotherapist, Reiki Master and bestselling author Robert Jackman takes you on a journey of self-discovery and intentional communication using the STARR Reset. This powerful process is designed to heal and restore healthy emotional bonding and help you repair dysfunctional cycles to create an openhearted connection. Learn to use your hard-won wisdom to embrace and restore a deeply loving relationship.

You will also discover:

  • how your inner child shows up in your adult relationship
  • why hurt people find other hurt people
  • why you ignored the red flags early on
  • how to speak your truth with intention, the message of your heart
  • why couples keep recreating archetypal patterns
  • how to be brave as you reach for the relationship you desire

This book is a natural progression for readers of Healing Your Lost Inner Child and its Companion Workbook, and can be read individually or with your partner.

Relationships are not about perfection, they are about connection, growth and possibility.

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ISBN: 9781735444543
ISBN-10: 1735444545
Publisher: Practical Wisdom Press
Publication Date: August 16th, 2021
Pages: 368
Language: English