101 Vital Life Tips For Boys: A Guide For Navigating Adolescence (Paperback)

101 Vital Life Tips For Boys: A Guide For Navigating Adolescence By San Magrag Cover Image
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The Perfect Gift for Adolescent Boys
Adolescence is a thrilling yet challenging journey, filled with new experiences, emotions, and questions. It's a time of self-discovery and growth, which can often feel like navigating uncharted territory.
Consider "101 Vital Life Tips for Boys" your secret treasure map, guiding you from boyhood to the exciting world of adulthood. Packed with inspiring chapters, it's your toolbox for building courage, fostering self-belief, and swinging the sword of kindness. Discover the joys of creativity, the thrill of exploration, and the power of family ties.
This book is more than just a guide-it's your trusty sidekick. Whether you're a young boy stepping into a grand adventure, a parent seeking guidance, or a mentor aiming to light up the path, this is your friendly lantern.
So buckle up, adventurer Fueled by curiosity and bravery, you're all set to embark on this unforgettable journey and transform into the exceptional man you're destined to be. Adventure awaits
In "101 Vital Life Tips for Boys", you'll gain insights into:
  • Appreciating and leveraging the significance of familyPrioritizing physical health and wellnessHoning essential life skills for independence and successPlanning for the future and setting achievable goalsEmphasizing education and lifelong learningEnjoying diversity and cultivating respect for all

And so much more

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ISBN: 9781739035907
ISBN-10: 1739035909
Publisher: Whale Publishers Inc.
Publication Date: June 8th, 2023
Pages: 170
Language: English