Ultimate Spotlight: Savanna Animals (TW Ultimate Spotlight) (Hardcover)

Ultimate Spotlight: Savanna Animals (TW Ultimate Spotlight) By Sophie Dussausois, Aurelie Verdon (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Sophie Dussausois, Aurelie Verdon (Illustrator)
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b>Interactive and engaging, Ultimate Spotlight: Savanna Animals gives young children a closer look at the wild and amazing world of the birds, beats, and bugs that live on the savanna.

Discover animals on savannas around the world: Life a flap to see inside a termite mound, turn a wheel to observe lion cubs practicing their hunting skills, or flip the page to see a pop-up scene of animals at the watering hold. Chock-full of age appropriate information, this book is an exciting introduction to life on the savanna.

• Comprehensive pages feature marvelously detailed illustrations that beg to be pored over again and again
• Lots of interactive and moveable parts to keep kids engaged
• A captivating adventure that shows young children how different animals on the savanna live, survive, and play

Fans of other stories in the Ultimate Spotlight Series will also enjoy the stunning details and interactive fun of Ultimate Spotlight: Savanna Animals.

• Great family and classroom read-aloud book
• Books for kids ages 3–5
• Books for preschool and kindergarten children

About the Author

Aurélie Verdon is a French-Brazilian illustrator who lives in Paris.

Sophie Dussausois is an editor at Editions Milan, She lives in Toulouse, France.

Product Details
ISBN: 9791027607044
Publisher: Twirl
Publication Date: July 30th, 2019
Pages: 14
Language: English
Series: TW Ultimate Spotlight