Mind Manipulation for Beginners: Learn How to Influence People and Manage Your Emotions through Persuasion and Mind Control (Paperback)

Mind Manipulation for Beginners: Learn How to Influence People and Manage Your Emotions through Persuasion and Mind Control By Jenifer Thompson Cover Image
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Manipulation is commonly seen as a negative term, but it doesn't have to be that way. At its root, to manipulate something merely means to adjust it to get different results. For example, you might manipulate your hand around a pencil to make it easier to draw, shade, or color something in...

In sales, manipulation is an essential tactic. You must know how to see the value you have to offer someone, and manipulate them to see the value, too. Often, people will be quick to say "no" to something, even if it's something that can genuinely fulfill a need in their lives. It's your job to show them how much better their lives can be with your offer, and why it's essential that they say "yes"...

In Mind Manipulation for Beginners, we discuss the ethical approach to manipulation, enabling you to get past objectives and fulfill your needs, while also fulfilling others. Every tactic you discover in this book emphasizes the importance of a win-win approach, ensuring that you're always serving the best interest of your clients while meeting your objectives. If that's not enough, we also discuss how you can apply these ethical tactics to everyday situations, so you can get what you want, when you want it...

In this book you'll learn:

  • What mind manipulation is
  • The importance of influencing rather than being influenced
  • How your body language can manipulate someone else's thoughts
  • The value of rapport and why you need to build trust and authority
  • The snowball effect and how this technique will get you to "yes"
  • Why the experience you offer matters, and how to make it good
  • The importance of giving and why you should always give more than you take
  • How to find the right timing and right opportunity so they can't say "no"
  • The value of your mind power and how to expand it
  • The different real-life techniques to apply to sales and circumstances
  • An essential perspective you must have if you want to succeed in manipulation
  • And so much more

Manipulation can be done in an entirely ethical manner, and it can assist you in getting everything you desire in life. One of the most important concepts in this book is the value of your desires, why you deserve to fulfill them, and why people want to help you fulfill these desires. When you discover this, you'll realize that sales have nothing to do with selling, and everything to do with serving to meet mutual needs...

If you're ready to up your skills and step into the world of mind manipulation, then this book will help you apply these excellent tactics to your own approach And you'll be so grateful that you did. Get this book and start your journey today

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Publication Date: January 11th, 2021
Pages: 76
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