Deer Resistant Gardening in the Midwest: Spring Planting Edition (Hardcover)

Deer Resistant Gardening in the Midwest: Spring Planting Edition By Sue Monson Cover Image
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If you want to keep Bambi from eating your garden, then keep reading.

Are you tired of looking out your kitchen window and seeing deer munch on your garden?

Do they think your garden is their own personal salad bar?

Do deer and even rabbits wreck what they don't eat, so your garden looks like a tornado hit?

In this book, you will discover:

  • Various methods to protect your garden from deer and other four-legged nuisances
  • Which plants deer find unappealing and why
  • What plants are best for your soil type
  • How much sun each plant requires
  • When each plant blooms and what color the flowers are
  • Which plants are susceptible to pests
  • Height and spread range of each plant
  • How to plan your garden to make it unappetizing to deer but still beautiful and nutritious for you and your family

This Spring Planting Edition will tell you what you need to know for flowering and non-flowering plants generally started in the spring.

The friendly neighborhood deer will find your yard too much trouble or not very appetizing and decide to visit your neighbor's yard instead.

So simple, even someone who has never had a garden before can do it

Special Bonus Section will list plants repellent to rabbits

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ISBN: 9798985262544
Publisher: Almennigen Enterprises
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2022
Pages: 228
Language: English