Mommy Lied to God: Life Lessons in Authentic Storytelling

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Maestas, Carlos
Geekdom Media
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We all understand the power storytelling has to move people to action. What's difficult is communicating your personal story-or that of your organization-in a way that not only rings true, but connects with your audience on a deeper level. Sometimes you're cursed with too much knowledge, unsure of how to relay your story to those who don't know what you know. Other times, you don't believe your story is worth sharing.Here's the truth: there is untapped equity in your story. In his new book Mommy Lied to God, Carlos Maestas wants to help you unlock that equity.You'll learn the characteristics of authentic storytelling and how to apply them so your stories build trust with your audience. If you're struggling with what to say, Carlos will show you how to simplify your message and clearly communicate the value you can offer people. As he shares lessons from his own experiences and those of others, you'll be inspired to live a better story and connect to something bigger than yourself.
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